Our Story

My story began with my dream of becoming a mother. It was a rocky road with a lot of struggle and loss but with the help of our amazing fertility doctor till I could hold my cheeky daughter in my arms.

Since then not only have I become a mother but a working one. 

Next to my basic motherly duties I had to become a teacher for my 2.5 years old daughter in lieu of preschool. This was the time I realized that the main stream, plastic toys were not there to develop my child’s skills but to numb it. So to say. 

I was searching for something that both she and I and eventually her father could enjoy and explore. To my biggest surprise I found myself digging in to the exiting field of wooden and educational toys. Not only I loved the texture of these toys and their teaching aspects but the fact that my daughter noticeably spent more time with them.

Playing time tripled!!!

This made me realize that I would want to establish my own business and spread the benefits of these toys. I can tell you from experience the reward of having wooden toys on your shelves is nothing to compare to. I am now entering my own field of endless possibilities and encourage you to start using wooden toys instead of the plastic ones. With our selection of essential basic toys we hope that you and your family will reap the benefits of these amazing mind developing toys. 

As for the future our vision is to expand our offerings and involve more small or family owned businesses to build our little wooden toys realm. 

Eni & Emy